Motivational Tips From Dr. Oz That Can Contribute To Your Weight Loss Efforts

Dr. Mehmet Oz has seen it all in terms of weight loss. Ever since The Dr. Oz Show was launched in 2009, the show has featured hundreds of people who have lost over hundred pounds after meeting Dr. Oz and changing their habits. Setting yourself up to remain motivated is the secret Dr. Oz has learned from the people who have successfully lost those excess pounds and have maintained a healthy weight over the years.

According to Dr. Oz, people get excited to keep losing weight because it makes them feel good. If you want to stay focused on your health, then there are some lifestyle changes that you can make, which will eventually become permanent. Here are some valuable tips from Dr. Oz that will help you remain motivated to lose weight.

1. Eat the same foods every morning
According to a recent study, you will consume approximately 100 fewer calories over the course of a day if you eat the same meals every day. The first meal of the day, i.e. the breakfast, is one of the best times to try this. While asleep, the body is one somewhat of a fast, and breakfast gears up the body for the day ahead. Dr. Oz recommends starting the day with blueberries and yogurt. This dish is nutritious because it is rich in protein and vitamins, and will also stave off hunger.

2. Find an enjoyable activity
Regardless of the pounds they lose, it does not take more than a year for Americans to regain about a third of that weight, and in another three to five years, they put on the remainder as well. According to Dr. Oz, this happens because many people resume their old habits after losing weight. Instead of following this trend, you should look for an enjoyable exercise routine. For instance, you can practice yoga at home or sign up for dance lessons with a partner. Any activity that you may enjoy will work.

3. Treat yourself
Weight loss is not about starving yourself and denying yourself the foods you crave to eat. According to studies, the first bite of food provides us with the most satisfaction. Therefore, if there is something that you are craving for and it may cause you to gain weight, Dr. Oz recommends that you allow yourself to eat a bite, savor the taste very slow, and then walk away. For instance, if you are craving for some chocolate fudge cake, have a bite, savor it until you are satisfied, wash the taste out of your mouth by taking a couple of sips of water, and then do something else to divert your mind.

4. Keep the workouts simple
Vigorous workouts are not essential for losing weight. According to a new study, greater health benefits can be enjoyed by spending more time doing a low-intensity exercise like walking in comparison to doing more intense workouts for short amounts of time. A pedometer can be helpful in this case. It will be surprising how easily little changes can make a difference, for instance taking the stairs or taking an indoor stroll during television commercials.

Many readers and viewers have managed to lose weight successfully after having seen Dr. Oz talk about his health philosophy. Ultimately, it is all about how motivated you are to lose weight, and the above tips from Dr. Oz will help you avoid losing that motivation.
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