Shed Those Unwanted Pounds With Dr.Oz’s Ultimate Diet

There are many of us whom have been carrying a little bit of holiday weight around. The only issue is that the holiday season is long gone. Losing weight can be an overwhelming, difficult task. What if losing weight didn't need to be so hard and stressful? Dr.Oz has become popular through his TV program and has given a lot of good advice to his viewers. Recently, he released 'The Ultimate Diet', which lasts for two weeks and is said to help people lose two inches. It does not involve starving yourself, getting injections or taking medication. Making simple changes within your lifestyle can really benefit not only your weight loss attempts, but your overall health.

The first step is re-evaluating what you have in your kitchen, getting rid of foods that are causing more harm than good. He suggests to dump the food if they have these ingredients within the first five labeled:

  1. Sugars: Natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables are fine. Stay away from refined sugars (processed).
  2. White Flour: Switch to whole grain products (e.g. brown rice, brown pasta, legumes).
  3. Trans-fats
  4. Saturated fats
  5. Syrups: Tend to be highly processed, which is not beneficial to your health.

Once you clean out the kitchen, go grocery shopping for fresh, healthy options. You want to include lots of fresh produce, whole grains and lean meat (e.g. skinless chicken or fish). By making small changes such as; changing your plate size, decreasing calories by 100 per day and keeping portions consistently smaller, you will notice difference in the way you look and feel.

It is not only your food you need to watch; it's your activity level. Dr. Oz suggest walking ten thousand steps a day, which is close to five miles. This is so important for your overall well-being. It may also be beneficial to make an appointment with a doctor just to make sure everything is in good condition. It is good to be aware of what your current blood pressure is for example. How can you try to improve your body, if you don't know something is wrong? So, make an appointment, it can only benefit you.

They key to all of this is repetition, it needs to be done more than just a day. His diet calls for two weeks, but it is crucial that you continue this lifestyle. You may find that it is hard to adjust at first; craving cakes and french fries. Once you are more prone to cook fresh meals from high quality ingredients, the rest will come naturally. It will be more natural for you to want a few almonds or an apple, than a chocolate bar. You will notice that you feel better, so why would you want to go back to feeling crumby? You wouldn't, so just keep up your progress and your efforts. This is for your own personal benefit; you will get what you put into this diet. Your body is your friend, not your enemy. Treat it that way, taking care of it through proper nutrition and exercise and you will be amazed at the results.

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